Wednesday, December 2, 2009

this is why I shop after holiday sales

I bought this today at Old Navy for about $1.40. I had another old shirt that I just never liked the fit on. I had another idea for this, but when I started pinning the fabric on I liked how it looked when it was pulled this way and that. I put a few pins in it and just started sewing, then I'd raise the foot and switch directions and just kept pushing the fabric around and stitching. Don't mind the way I look in the last one, man am I tired. Funny thing is I cut the sleeves on the patterned shirt and now I actually kind of like it. (=

I bought this shirt LAST Christmas, I think it was 90% off. I liked the color and the print, but not so much the fuzzy reindeer. I used some scraps and added a big orange flower. I noticed afterward that the fabric shifted and the reindeer has a foot sticking out, hmm. still have to work on that.


  1. you are super talented girl! I wish I had some of your craftiness!!!