Monday, December 28, 2009

2 new sweater refashions

I've had this sweater for a couple years but hadn't gotten much wear out of it because it just never fit quite right. I loved the knit and the collar so when I saw this sweater refashion I knew what to do I just love that site!

I love how it turned out! I snipped the sleeves, it was such a loose knit I did have to stitch where I cut and then I adjusted the fasteners to correct the fit.

I didn't think the vest needed a belt, but I wanted to make use of the sleeves so I thought, arm warmers! I snipped them so they were even, turned under that side a few times and stitched it down. It stretched a little, but I think still turned out cute! I love the scalloped(?) edges and the fact that when I wear it over another colored shirt it peaks through! I would have cut a hole for my thumb if it hadn't been such a loose knit. Wouldn't you know that they very next day I saw the "slove" posted on My Mama Made It! I'm telling you, her refashions rock!

I thought I had another old sweater that might not be such a loose knit, so I dug through my pile and found this.

This time I was able to do a true "slove". I cut the sleeve right off at the arm pit so I can really slouch it. I may still add an embellishment...we'll see.

I've seen a lot of cowl neck scarfs this season and so far had been able to restrain myself from buying one, lol. I've been dying to try one out. I looked at the rest of sweater and thought, hmm, YES! Wouldn't you know that the same site has a similar refashion. I cut the body of the sweater just below the armpit, above the thin gray stripe. I think this sweater will hold up without stitching it, so I just left it! Boy, this was the easiest refashion ever!
sorry for the dumb look, I hate taking (and being in) pictures

Yay for several new FREE looks!

Woo, I think that is it for tonight!

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