Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas (and more holiday refashions)

We had a wonderful Christmas, I hope you did too! Lots of family, food, laying on the couch watching Elf (wouldn't be Christmas without that, would it).

I thought I'd share a couple more holiday refashions with you. I bought this shirt last year (again, likely 90% off). Not really my style so I wondered what I could do with it.

I didn't love the fit so I snipped it right up the center and then had to figure out how to cover the hanging ornaments. Ok, side note here. One of my absolute FAVORITE blogs for refashions is My Mama Made It, LOVE her stuff. I've spent hours on her site just browsing her great ideas. I saw this refashioned shirt by her and thought it might work for my shirt.
What do you think? It is a little dramatic, but kinda cool I think.


My next refashion was a dress for my girl. I had 4 shirts (yes, 4) that were a size too small. I had planned on creating 2 Christmas-y shirts for Jocie but forgot I had them until just a week ago. Hmm, what to do now? THEN I saw this beautiful Winter Wonderland Dress on Ruffles and Stuff and knew that was just the thing! Here is what I started with...

Initially I stopped here, but decided it a little more. I think with the leggings she looked like a little elf, heehee.

I added several ruffles at the bottom and the "snowflake" puffs on the front. She wore it to Billy's work Christmas party (for those who don't know, he works at a hardware store, this the background in the pics).


  1. How cute are your refashions?? And your daughter! She is an absolute doll!

    Thanks so much for your comment and for the advice on the socks... I'm totally going to try that from now on. :) Merry Christmas!

    Morgan | Mrs. Priss

  2. I love Jocie's dress, you did a great job!!