Wednesday, December 2, 2009

repurposing pants for Jocie

It turns out that pants are REALLY easy to make for toddlers! I wanted to try my hand at making pants for Jocie and thought it would be fun to somehow add a turtle somehow (she is OBSESSED with turtles right now).

I had some old lounge pants of my own that didn't fit as well as an old t-shirt of Billy's. I found an easy tutorial for toddler pants and then used this to add the turtle detail. I used the bottom and outside hem for Jocie's pants so I had very little sewing to do. I used the t-shirt for the turtle. I even did my first even "button holes" because I wanted to do a drawstring waist. I think they turned out pretty cute. She likes them too!


  1. SO CUTE!! And I love the drawstring. Good for you! And thanks for the link.