Monday, December 28, 2009

Felt Mr. Potato Head = great plane toy

I think I my have swooned a little when I saw this felt Mr. Potato Head tutorial. What an amazing idea! I'm not sure if velcro is quiet enough for a church service, but it would be PERFECT for a plane ride for FL. I had hoped to get this done before Christmas, but my final goal was to get it done before Jocie and I leave for FL on Jan. 10th (wahoo!!!). I started it during nap time yesterday and then had some unexpected craft time when Billy had a friend over last night to watch football. I guess I really go into my groove because I got it DONE! I really love how it came out. Jocie found it today and had fun with it. I'll have to find a better hiding place for it until our trip, hmm.

Meet Mr. (I love his jaunty mustache)

and Mrs. Potato Head

Here are all the pieces, potato with velcro, and the big back pocket

Jocie preferred the mash-up face


  1. Love it. You did a great job!! Okay, and your little one figuring it out in the last picture is just adorable! Thanks for the link!