Friday, December 4, 2009

2 l/s t-shirt refashions

Have I told you how much I love clearance racks? Well, I'm a little obsessed. It can't be just 30% off either, I usually limit myself to at least 75% off (I'm a bit of a clearance snob). I found these 2 plain l/s t-shirts at Target, paid about $2.50 each. It is hard to tell from the pic but they are a pale pink and a medium purple.

Remember that gray shirt of Billy's that I used for Jocie's turtle pants? Well, I cut some long strips and added ruffles to the pink. I liked the contrast of colors. At first I used 3 strips (center and 2 outside) and it looked like I was trying to accent my, eh-hmm, "assets". So I added a ruffles in between each for a total of 5. If I had to do it again I'd move them all closer together, but I'm fairly happy with how it came out. Ruffles are all over the place lately, lots of crafty blogs have tutorials, I'm just too lazy to look for one to post right now, lol.

I had been wanting to try a "coursage" t for the longest time (apparently a JCrew inspiration for a lot of people). Ashley over at Make It and Love It has a great tutorial for the shirt from scratch, I wasn't quite that brave, lol. It was a little big so I cut a strip from the bottom for my hearts and then cut off the neck and made it more of a scoop. I still want to trim the sleeves (more 3/4 length) and then fill in a few spaces along the top where there seem to be gaps. I'm excited about it though!

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  1. So CUTE!! Great idea to use the sleeves! :) Thanks for the link!