Wednesday, March 17, 2010

we wore our green

I managed to get my first side panel shir done for today. I totally guessed at how much fabric to add to the sides and wound up over estimating. So I used some little scraps to create a little "x" in the back to cinch it in some.

Sorry, that is as good as my pics got today. Only so much you can do to photograph yourself.

I LOVE this little headband I made. I used the inside seams that I cut out of my shirt, braided them (I did NOT pull them as I braided), stitched the ends and added another piece to each side so I could tie it to the size I want. I seriously don't throw any scraps away. lol

I made some quick and dirty leg warmers for Jocie out of these cutie little leprechaun socks I got last year. They didn't look great with the rest of the outfit, but still cute.

We definitely got some looks wearing our green out today. (=

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