Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Truck to Go!

Wahoo! Are you ready for this? The "Truck to Go", ready for a little guy who has a LONG flight ahead of him. My friend has a long flight and asked me to make something to help keep her little boy entertained. I hope he loves it. I promised one for my nephew as well, so maybe I'll get my act together and do a tutorial with that one. I decided against velcro after experience with the felt Mr. Potato Head, I found that it snagged everything and drove me crazy. Felt should stick to itself, right?

Handles for portability

A great little pocket to hold all of the pieces.

Open it on up to see the truck shape. I decided to use glue for the truck shape (one I hadn't used before) and you can see it in a few spots. )= Although, I do think it looks better in person.

all of the fun pieces

Several different hauling options:


A ladder (or cinder blocks as my hubby thought), and lumber



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