Thursday, March 11, 2010

cheap, no-sew headband

I saw this tutorial, a headband from the hemline of a shirt and a piece of elastic! Frickin' awesome! This is just the kind of thing I needed right now. I've been trying to had a little fun to my wardrobe. Far too often I feel dowdy, slapped together. Anyhoo, I thought I'd get "brave" and try headbands, lol. I have a LOT of hair and I never feel like headbands look right on me. But, I figured a free project was worth finding out.

I took it one step further (cheaper), I cut my hem long enough so that it would reach at least behind each ear and then threaded a piece of elastic all the way through the hem, and then tied it in a knot so that it would fit my head. Ok, this is a little embarrassing, but do you want to know how, um, frugal I am? I keep those little elastic threads that they use to keep shoes paired when you buy them. I had one piece that was long enough for a headband, and for the second one I just tied two elastic pieces together to make them long enough.

sorry for the crappy, dark pic

I also made a few pins that could be worn on the headbands, on a top, purse...whatever. (=
Recognize these?

I think I decided this one was too big for the headband, but it is a cute pin with 3 rosettes.

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