Tuesday, June 15, 2010

two new tanks

Whoa! We are having some summery weather here! I really need to keep up with my spring/summer refashions. I found two plain tanks at Target, I liked the style and fit, but blah...I couldn't stand adding more plain tops to my wardrobe. These refashions were SUPER simple.

As usual, I was impatient and didn't take before pics. They were plain/solid tanks with a yoke type neckline and a bit of gather in the center.

I finished the purple one first. I cut a strip of fabric, about the same width as the yoke neckline, from another tee with a coordinating pattern. Then I pleated it along the yoke, with no particular pattern. Then I stitched both sides down. After washing it, the edges curled just a little.

I'm not sure why, but black is a very prominent color in my wardrobe. I really try to branch out, but I always seem to drawn back. Anyhow, this is my attempt to bring a little color in. A couple of bright blue flowers.

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