Monday, June 28, 2010

I have been waiting to post this!

I was so excited about this project! I just took part in a gift exchange between some other mom friends. I mailed out my gift, but wanted to wait until my friend received it before I posted this. This was so much fun! I wanted my sweet friend to feel like she got something special and one of a kind. She gave me a few ideas, and here is what I came up with.

She said she likes simple jewelry, so when I saw this idea for button earrings, I thought how CUTE!!! I had a hard time finding the plain, silver, earrings to work with, but I finally tracked them down. I think they came in a pack of about 30, so I could do LOTS more if I wanted. haha
I made two pair, one all black and the other was a pearl-like white with a white ribbon. I WISH I could wear these, but my ears just freak out.

She also said she wanted a storage basket to organize her daughter's loose CDs. I found two baskets that I liked the size and shape of, but not the color.

After LOTS of spray paint, LOTS of hot glue, some home decor fabric, ribbon, cardboard and scrapbook tags...This is what I had.

The smaller of the two I designed specifically for storage of loose CDs. I used fabric along the bottom and ends inside the basket so that the CDs wouldn't get scratched. Then I covered some pieces of heavy cardboard with fabric (not my original idea, can't remember where I saw it though) and attached these little scrapbook tags so she can divide and label what is in the basket.

For the larger basked I just sewed a simple slip cover for the bottom (it was easier than I expected), wrapped ribbon around the top, and added several pleated flowers with more scrapbook tags.

I really enjoyed this project! I really hope she gets a lot of use out of them. She definitely deserves something special!

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