Thursday, June 24, 2010

favorite animal?

My daughter's favorite animal is a turtle. A little random, but we go with it. It is hard to find turtle things for her, it is not really the most common animal for kids. She was never really obsessed with or gotten attached to anything, until the turtle. It was the first animal she started identifying by name rather than sound (does a turtle make a sound?) and she started pointing out turtles wherever she saw them. Thus the random turtle paraphernalia around our house. I used this tutorial and just changed the shape of the animal. I used one of her turtle shaped puzzles to come up with my shape to trace. I don't think it turned out to be the most obvious turtle shape, but she still likes it.

Here is the front and back. Oh, and I forgot to add the "eye" so I just stitched in that spot.

Here she is, snuggling with her new turtle, laying on her turtle Hugga Pet and watching a movie.

I love my girl.