Saturday, June 5, 2010

Breast feeding and baby wearing

These are two of my favorite "baby" things! I already make and sell nursing capes, so when a mama asked if I'd try my hand at making a ring sling to match her cape I was excited! She had bought the last nursing cape in this fabric (pretty, isn't it!) and I had to do quite a bit of searching to find it again. But, SUCCESS, I found it, and bought enough to stock the shop as well since it is a popular fabric with mamas of little boys.

I have a ring sling of my own that I bought cheap on ebay (before I knew the wonders of etsy) from a woman who made them. It was a total life saver for me. My daughter wanted to be attached to me 23/7 and wouldn't sit happily in a shopping cart or stroller until she was at least 11 months old. I still occasionally pull it out, like when I travel alone with my toddler, or when she isn't feeling well and wants to be held although my arms are about to fall off. I love how simple they are to use (at least after a little practice), how many ways they can be used at so many stages, that they are washable and take up so little space in a diaper bag.

I was referred by a few friends(thanks Heidi and Alyse!) to order the rings here and tutorial here (btw, they have some great instructional videos for use and wearing as well). I asked the mama if she'd like me to add anything to it and she requested a large pocket and loop to hook keys or a paci clip to.

As usual, I forgot to take the time to get good pics of this project. I was about out the door to take it to my mama friend and asked my hubby to take a few quick pics. I didn't even take time to make sure it was really straightened out, ugh. You'll get the picture though.

This has a shoulder cap (mine didn't) which distributes the weight a little better

close up of the pocket and loop

Yay for baby wearing!

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