Saturday, June 12, 2010

hazard pay?

My hubby says that doing projects for weddings should come with hazard pay. Haha! Please tell me I'm not the only person who stresses themselves out when sewing for other people. But seriously, could you imagine messing up something for a WEDDING?

It was a relatively simple project, a friend of a friend wanted a different color tie for the corset of her wedding gown. I decided to try a new technique. I thought a bias cut/sewn piece might work better since it would have some stretch. I used this bias tape tutorial (I just skipped the ironing part). It was definitely something new, made me a little crazy, but I can see how it would be simple and time saving if I had a little practice. My hubby also says I make myself needlessly crazy over these things. I wasn't satisfied with my first attempt, so I made a second tie, this time just a straight cut. The poor bride was probably so confused to get two, haha. Oh well, I was happy to be able to do just a little something to make her wedding what she had dreamed of.

I wanted to do a little something unexpected, so I figured a pretty little flower pin was in order. I finally tried this singed flower technique. I think I'm addicted! It was so easy, and I love the result.

I hope the wedding is beautiful and live happily ever after!

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