Monday, April 26, 2010

my birthday outfit

I've been slacking in the blogging department lately because my Mom was in town for my birthday. We had such a nice time. I miss her already. It really stinks being so far from my family.

Anyhoo, I finished a couple refashions before she got her and was able to wear a new outfit on my birthday because the weather was warm(ish). We spent a beautiful morning at the playground with my Mom and aunt.

Hmm, not the most flattering pic of me

I LOVE this shirt! I used this tutorial and I'm excited about it. Once the weather warms up more I'll probably shorten the sleeves. This was my first experience with fabric paint (that is since bubble paint with my grandma), and it was fun working with tulle.

Here it was before

And after

These super cute cuffed shorts used to be this horrible pair of slightly tapered cropped pants. Sorry, no before pic.

I had seen this tutorial over at Adventures in Dressmaking (LOVE that blog, btw) and had really wanted to try it out. My friend Rachel beat me to it. With the type of pants I had, I wanted to create a cuff a little different (not using the inside of the pants, KWIM?). I also had to be a little creative since my pants were tapered and not flared like hers. I think they came out cute though.

My mom and I got to do some shopping (thanks to my hubby babysitting), so I have some new crafty materials to use. Can't wait to figure out what is next!


  1. They turned out great! I especially love the shirt!

    Andrea @