Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bargain shopping

I had a rare departure from my bargain shopping at Target, lol. I was out, alone, with time to spare and a few bucks in my pocket. Not a normal occurrence for me. I popped into Wet Seal, not somewhere I normally shop. Not really the kind of things I usually wear, but I had time to kill, remember? Wouldn't you know they had a "last chance" clearance rack. The highest price I saw was $5. This is the type of thing my family teases me about, they swear things like this only happen to me.

I found some cute accessories, each for $0.50:
1 pink, light weight looped scarf and 2 white lacey, pompom scarves (totally made me think of Disney)

and since I've been meaning to try wearing wide belts: silver, stretch wide belt, bronze braided wide belt, and some crazy blue/white tights which are likely to be made into a headband

This black, sequence asymetrical tank was $2. Not necessarily my "style" (not entirely sure what that is), but I'll make it work - thank you Tim Gunn, lol.

They also had a number of semi-formal dresses for $3:
I LOVED the color of this skirt, hate the top but I can change that.

Ok, funny story with this last dress. The zipper was acting kind of funny. I got the dress on, but then the zipper got stuck halfway up. I couldn't get it all the way up or, more importantly, DOWN! This dress is what you would call a serious MINI, it would not cover my booty in a million years. I worked for several minutes trying to get the zipper down, trying to get the dress up over my head, or down over my hips. NOTHING! I really thought I was going to have to wear it up to the register. Then suddenly the zipper just worked. Phew. Anyhoo, I plan to hem this and add straps to make it into a cute summer top. I just love that pink on black print.

All of that for under $12.


  1. this seriously only happens to you. haha. :o)
    and my favorite game to play in trendy stores is, "Dress or Shirt" and sadly, most things I think are Shirts, were intended to be dresses.

  2. Hahaha, fun game! Like I said, that pink and black "dress" would never in a million years cover my booty. Who wears these things?!?

    Oh, and I finished my shirt dress! Just need to whip up a belt/sash and take some pics! Super easy!