Sunday, April 4, 2010

From boxy to gathered: a mini tutorial

Do you remember me talking about this shirt?

I had a few minutes tonight so I figured this might be a quick refashion I could whip up. I never loved the sleeves(shoulders?) on this shirt, they just seemed boxy. Here is what it looked like on. Blah

I might have done this by machine, but I didn't have thread that matched. Anyhow, using a contrasting thread makes it easier to see in the pics. I grabbed a needle, threaded it, and looped it all the way around so that I could knot the two ends of the thread together (then you have the thread doubled up, KWIM?). Flip the shirt inside out and start your first stitch on the neckline and then stitch into the inside hem of your shirts shoulder.

If you want a tight gather, you'll want your stitches wider apart. Stitched all the way down the hem and through the sleeve seam.

At this point I tried the shirt on so I could decide how much I wanted to gather the shoulder area. I held on to one of the threads and pulled the other and the shirt began to gather. When I got it to the point that I wanted, I went ahead and knotted the two threads and snipped them off.

Then repeat with the other side! A quick and easy fix, and I'm happy with the results!

I also made my first attempt with appliques and Heat n' Bond. I'll try to get pics of the finished shirt tomorrow since I THINK we are going to have some warm, sunny weather!

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