Friday, January 1, 2010

Another homemade Christmas gift: diaper/wipes/changing pad

I told Billy that next year I'd love to make most, if not all, of our Christmas gifts. I really enjoyed the few I made this year. My other sister-in-law requested another nursing cape (for those who don't know, I make and sell nursing capes) so that she could have one in each of her bags. I went on the hunt for some new fabric because I didn't have too many that were "boyish". I was excited that Joann's had some new blue/brown patterns so I picked a couple up. This is the one she picked. I think it looks really cute as a cape, bummer that I forgot to take a pic.

I still really wanted to make something else, so I figured I'd work on an idea that had been floating around in my head for a while. Does anyone else have a pouch that holds diapers/wipes and a changing pad? Now I want to know how long it was before you walked off and left your changing pad somewhere, never to see it again? I really wanted to find a way to create something to hold diapers and wipes that was also a changing pad so that you could wrap it all up when you were done and not leave the pad behind. I've looked(some)to see if I could find anything similar being sold. I couldn't find what I was looking for so I figured I'd create it myself. I used the same fabric as the cape for the outside material, and then I used the same tan flannel as the nursing cape's pockets so that the side you lay the baby on is nice and soft. When it is folded up it looks like a cute clutch purse with a ribbon tie.

I added two pleated pockets so there is LOTS of room for both a wipes case and several diapers. I used a strip of the patterned fabric in between the pockets to add some visual interest on the flannel side.

I stitched one seam parallel to the pockets so that it would be obvious where to fold the changing pad.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! I think I'd make it a little smaller next time and possibly use a different fastener, but we'll see what she thinks after using it for a while!

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  1. Yay...I love seeing my gifts on your blog!!!!!!!!!! Here's my review: It is super convenient since everything is in one. I have two boys so it allows me enough room to carry two sizes of diapers and the case of wipes. It fits right in my diaper bag and I"m ready to go. I have also used it when I was leaving my youngest baby at my Mom's but needed to take the diaper bag with me to carry snacks and toys for the toddler. I left the case with Mom & my newborn and it held all they needed for their time together. The ribbon is hard to tie when your hands are full (and mine are most of the time) but if I can't tie it then I just toss in the bag and get to it later.
    I am enjoying using this and I LOVE that it matches my cape also!