Sunday, January 10, 2010

Totally worth it

For those who don't know, we bought our first home last summer. It is definitely a fixer-upper. We had a contractor redo the kitchen and bathroom before we moved him. Billy (along with help from friends and family) did a LOT of other work, including refinishing our wood floors and completing all of the work in Jocie's room before we moved in. We have completed some other projects since moving in, including the dining room and creating my space in the basement. Last week, on a whim, Billy mentioned trying to get our bedroom completed before Jocie and I left for FL (tomorrow morning). We had a long week of late nights, but last night we finished! Check out the transformation!

Here is what it looked like when we bought the house. I told you it was a fixer-upper

Once the wall paper came down we discovered this lovely color

Billy finished the floors, patched the walls (no small thing with plaster), and primed the room before we moved in. This last week the room got a much deserved coat of paint (including all of the moldings), our curtains are hung, the new ceiling fan/light is up, and after sleeping for a week in our dining room our furniture is back in the room as well.

I cannot tell you how excited it makes me to have a ceiling fan in my bedroom!

We spent all day walking in and out of the room with a big grin saying, "I just love it!" We still have some decorating to do. The major color missing is teal/blue. I have an old curtain panel that I am turning into a padded headboard. I also have throw pillows and some other accessories in the attic somewhere. I'll have to find them when Jocie and I get home. Just wanted to share my excitement!

I should have another room to share when I get home as Billy is working on our kitchen while we are gone!

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