Monday, January 4, 2010

a refashion, new camera case and one less craft for me to tackle

Why do I buy things that don't fit me? Oh, that's right, because it was stinkin' cheap. Oh well, at least now I am able to do something about it. I think I bought this shirt postpartum because it was loose in the front. I do tend to buy long sleeve shirts a size too big because apparently I have longer arms than the normal people. There is not much I hate worse than having sleeves that are just a little too short. Anyhow, back to the refashion. I snipped up the front, cut the back panel straight across at my waist and then cut a deep angle to the front. I had some cotton in about the same shade of green, so I created this this tie in the front. I think it looks a lot cuter in person than it does in the picture. By the way, sorry for my crappy picture taking "skills".

At some point during our moving around this summer, our poor little digital camera lost it's case. I found an old zippered change purse that it (sort of) fits in. I'm not sure Billy appreciates that it is pink and flowered though. I had seen a tutorial for a tote to carry a portable DVD player and was able to use the concept (yay for quilter's batting in Joann's remnant bin) to make a little padded case for my camera. I think it turned out cute!

the front, with velcro

the back

I'm actually planning to do the same type of thing for my new TomTom GPS that I got for Christmas, it makes me nervous to just throw it in my purse. But first, I hope to get one made for our portable DVD player. I need to get on that so it is done by the time Jocie and I leave next week! Yikes!

I had planned on making Jocie an apron, I even had a couple old, but unused, dish cloths that I was going to use. She has her own little play kitchen, and she has really started to enjoy "helping" me in the kitchen. Then, on one of my (frequent) trips to Target I noticed a cute little apron, AND chef's hat, in their "one spot". It was marked 50% off, but when I got to the register it rang up at $0.25 each. I got both for a whopping 2 quarters! I can't beat that! She surprised me and was actually excited about wearing the hat!

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