Friday, July 9, 2010

Sewing 101

I often see questions from people asking for the basics of sewing. I posted several links in the past, but I saw another blog doing an almost 2 week series of
Sewing 101

So far there are posts on:
Tools of the Trade
Supply Must Haves
Selecting Fabrics

I just want to say that the quilt (or is it simply a blanket) she has pictured is absolutely beautiful! I'm not much of a quilt person, but if I were ever to brave quilting, THIS would be the type I'd make. I LOVE it! I don't know that I'd use those colors, but that technique is beautiful. Does anyone know anything about it? Please share!
Using a Rotary Cutter (I got one for Christmas, and I LOVE it!)
Fixing Mistakes

Be sure to check out the blog, and this series through July 16!

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