Saturday, May 15, 2010

my kitchen

We have owned our home for a year now. We bought a major fixer-upper. Something we have learned through this process is that when you are a homeowner, you are never "done". lol We still have a lot of little (and big) projects to do, but it has been a lot of fun and it is awesome to be able to make it our own.

This was our kitchen before, the previous owners had a thing for olive green and stenciling.

It was stripped down to basically the studs, lay out changed, and all new cabinets and appliances installed. (these pics were taken as we were moving in)

We hadn't done too much else to the kitchen, choosing instead to focus on several other rooms as well as the exterior of the home. This was in part because we agonized over paint colors. I had originally picked one out...then decided it was too close to a peach, I really wanted to go with something in the orange family, without being too bright or obnoxious. We chose another color, my hubby even brought home a quart of it and put some on the wall to see if we liked it. It looked like neon orange sherbet. Ugh. It was seriously blinding. At that point my hubby decided he did not want any shade of orange...back to the paint chart again. I really didn't want something too light, or too brown, but we were kind of stuck.

I had some fabric that I'd gotten really attached to and wanted to recover some roller shades for the kitchen. I loved how bright and cheery it was and liked the colors, but it still didn't seem to help us pick out a paint color.

We had given ourselves a deadline and finally just picked a color, I liked it, but I wasn't in love with it. But hey, it was a decision. The color was Sherwin Williams Eastlake Gold.

We finally got around to painting (we are not done, just finished one section), and you know what? I LOVE it! Wahoo! And do you know what is even funnier? Do you see that great big flower near the center on the bottom?

I had tried to talk my hubby into trying to match the outside color on the flower for paint, but we didn't wind up doing that. I brought the fabric up after we painted and my jaw dropped. It was almost the exact same shade!!! I really do love it. We have a lot more to do, but I thought I'd share the update.

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  1. The transformation is looking great!

    Sarah, this is Brandy from Home Sweet Home. In response to your question, the stroller seat cushion is only attached through the button hold straps.

    Take care!