Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

I got a couple of Joann's giftcards for my birthday and got the chance to spend some of them last week. I get a little carried away with their clearance fabric, and wouldn't you know that it was an extra 50% off that week!

I'm always on the lookout for things with turtles on them for my daughter. It was one of the first animals that she identified by name (rather than sound) and she's been a little obsessed with them. I thought this fabric was SUPER cute and would look great with this pink polka dot I already had. Maybe I'll finally get around to trying this bubble dress tutorial.

I also found some dark denim for $2 per yard, and it was SUPER wide which is awesome! I'd love to make my daughter some cute little shorts for summer. I would love to find a tutorial for some flat front shorts, hmm.

I can rarely pass up a good knit, they may make me a little crazy trying to sew with them, but I LOVE that it doesn't fray and is a little more forgiving than some other fabrics. I found these two thick ribbed knits in a beautiful teal and bright pinky-purple (bummer, the color did not come through at all in the pic).

And this is technically the reason I went to Joann's in the first place. I wanted to restock this fabric in my shop and a friend who bought the last cape I made in this fabric had asked if I could custom make her a ring sling to match. After checking another store and not finding it online, I finally tracked it down!

A couple of friends turned me on to a great website for purchasing the rings and sling making information, if you are interested it is here.

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