Friday, February 26, 2010

refashions to come

Hi all. I don't have any pictures of finished projects because I've been working on something for a friend (keep an eye out for the "Truck to Go"). I wanted to share some refashion ideas I can't wait to start on. Spring and summer here we come!!!

I have been picking up shirts as I find them on clearance, I paid an average of about $2 per shirt. I have a bad habit of having a wardrobe full of solid color shirts, and I did it again. lol I think most of my ideas will create some variety and color. I guess we'll see.

I think this dark purple shirt (using several ruffles from the light purple) would be really cute to try out this "proud as a peacock" shirt. I think I'll use the light purple to try out the cascade tee, a JCrew inspiration.

I saw this tulle corsage shirt and I HAVE to make it! I think I'll use the blue (only I'll make it short sleeves or sleeveless). Not sure what exactly I'll do with the maroon one...although I did come across this JCrew shirt and may use it as my inspiration.

The tan of this shirt is not the greatest color on me, but I loved the print so I'd like to use the black shirt to create some sort of fabulous top that does actually look good on me. lol

another couple tops to combine into something cute. I may try this tutorial for a side panel shirt.

I'd also like to try my hand at a couple of appliques with this tank and a couple of over sized t-shirts that I picked up super cheap.

Wow, that is a little overwhelming and exciting to see it all in print! What do you think? Am I crazy, lol? Is it too many similar things? Do I have enough variety? Anything you love or hate?

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  1. I have plans for a side panel shirt too! (that needs to be made a tad bigger)