Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To Infinity And Beyond! Bubble Tunic

I had a problem. My daughter LOVES Toy Story, it is really the first thing she has ever gotten excited about. I really wanted to get her some Toy Story apparel, but I'd estimate that about 90% of the Toy Story anything is very obviously for boys. Sigh. Of the (very) few girl's t-shirts I have seen have been pink (sorry, but not my fav) and had the cowgirl, Jessie, on them. Of course my daughter is in love with Buzz!

Solution. Stumbling across several boy's Toy Story t-shirts on clearance. And by stumbling of course I mean, stalk for weeks until they are cheap enough for me to consider buying. haha I bought several and wanted to try several different techniques with them.

Here are the first two. I am calling this the To Infinity And Beyond! Bubble Tunic (a tutorial is on the horizon). It was a little too short to be a dress, and a little too long to be a shirt so...tunic it is!

To Infinity And Beyond!

It was so simple that I made another one.

I actually like this one better, I think I'll redo the sleeves on the blue one and then probably do the same thing to both necklines. I think that will make it a little more girlie too.

So what do you think? My daughter loves it, and that makes me happy!

My computer caught another, eh, cold so I'm trying to catch up with pictures and such. Once I do that I will have a tutorial for the Bubble Tunic, so stay tuned!

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